Being a Freelance Writer & Making Money Online: Simplified

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December 30, 2017
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January 1, 2018

Being a Freelance Writer & Making Money Online: Simplified


Most people enter into the world of freelance and online jobs not knowing where to start, and end up paying huge amounts from their pockets on courses and material that they don’t actually need.
While the world of freelance writing is competitive, it is definitely one of the best ones to get into if you’ve got powerful writing skills. What’s more, freelance writing is extremely satisfying, tends to get you paid more than your day job, and you can work around your own schedule from the comfort of your home.
Sounds interesting right? Let’s take a closer look and find out how you too, can become a freelance writer and get paid for your words. Being a Freelance Writer

How to Get Started
Getting started as a freelance writer can be a daunting task. One look at the job and project opportunities listed on freelancer networks will tell you that writers are way too underpaid for the job they do. But don’t let that put you down. There are writers out there that make a living through their words, and with the right determination, you can do it too.
Getting started may be a tad bit difficult though, since new writers aren’t accepted easily. You can take up a couple of low paying projects to get started, work well on them and secure positive reviews and recommendations, and then increase your pricing as you move forward.
Most writers work on an hourly rate, but you can also choose to work on a paid per project basis if you prefer that one.

Finding the Right Clients
Finding the right clients for a freelance writing opportunity is probably the toughest, but once you land on the project that meets your needs, there’s no going back.
Start by networking and connecting with bloggers and business owners that you’d like to write for. Reach out to them occasionally and highlight your skills and expertise and explain them how you can help.
You can also apply for projects at freelancer platforms, or check with companies or business owners that could do with your writing service.
You might also want to start your own blog, where you can advertise your writing services, outline your work and pricing, and use it as a portfolio for potential clients.

Points to Remember
Before you go ahead and sign that NDA with your client, make sure all these points are outlined and clear between the both of you.
● The project length
● The estimated delivery date
● The project credits (if any)
● A note of recommendation
● The project payment mode

Establish Your Expertise
There are several different types of freelance writing projects you may come across such as
● Web content writing
● Copywriting
● Feature writing
● Catalog feature writing
● Grant writing
● Resume writing
● Business writing
● Legal writing
● Speech writing
● Essay writing
● Technical writing
● Creative writing
● Newspaper or periodical writing
● Ghost writing
● Medical writing
● Instructional or curriculum writing
Get your feet dirty and explore which one you prefer and are comfortable with, and make it your expertise.

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